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Overcome brain fog, chronic stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Rebirth Breath Therapy® is helping people all over the world overcome a wide variety of issues.

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Rebirth Breath Therapy® is capable of delivering deep rooted results through hacking and reconditioning the mind through the breath, towards more spacious and inspired thinking.

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rooted trauma

Rebirth Breath Therapy® deals with the root issue not just the symptoms compared to other therapy methods.

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Rebirth Breath Therapy® uncovers the root of your problem and helps you overcome it rather than teaching you how to live with the pain.


Rebirth Breath Therapy®

Rebirth Breath Therapy is the purest and most comprehensive breathwork therapy for the modern age. It is an ongoing transformational process which helps us master our mind and body, eventually enabling us to achieve a blissful and abundant state in our daily lives.

Rebirthing is a safe and natural breathing method which connects us with our subconscious mind - the house of our deepest thoughts, beliefs and desires. A form of therapy which can help with any issue, from depression to relationship difficulties.

Through using the breath in a circular way, which means without pausing between the inhale and the exhale, an energy flow is created in the body. This energy flow gently “forces out” or helps release stuck negative emotions which are stored in the “cellular memory” of the body.

As these emotions are integrated and the breathing and energy flow continues, the breather goes a level deeper and achieves profound states of bliss, clarity and understanding about themselves. After a rebirth a person feels calm, clear and liberated.

Rebirthing breath therapy heals on all levels - physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional - and combined with affirmative thinking and other creative techniques, it is an excellent tool for self-development.

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How RBT® Has Transformed So
Many Lives

This is a very transformational course.... I like this course because it is a re-connection with your breath, your life force. It heals, clarifies and dissolves old patterns... I highly recommend it!

Marta Arellano


It's just been a really amazing experience and I really recommend it to anyone interested in breathwork and self development or anyone who wants to come for their own healing.. it's amazing!

Mattias Forssblad

Who is


Katia Boustani is one of 5 Rebirthing Breath Masters in the world, a title accredited by the late Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork, and known father of the Breathwork movement in the west.

She spent years in his inner circle, teaching alongside him and aspires through this direct lineage to keep his teachings alive.

With over 30 years of experience, Katia has trained 1000’s of people to master their breath and their life.

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Katia Boustani has dedicated her life to Healing herself, her community and the World, through the Breath and Love.

With over 30 years of experience in the healing arts, she has developed a phenomenal reputation for profound results and ongoing transformation of each individual or group she works with.

An international expert in Breath Mastery and Mind Mastery, Katia’s compassion for humans and her love for nature is her prime motivation, believing in the metamorphosis of the world, one person at a time.

In October 2013, Katia was recognized as Rebirthing Breath Master and Master Breathwork Trainer by Leonard Orr himself. She spent years in his inner circle, teaching alongside him and aspires through this direct lineage to keep his teachings alive.

Leonard, the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork, and known father of the Breathwork movement in the west, only personally accredited 4 other Rebirthing Breathwork Masters in the world during his lifetime.

Katia has trained 1000’s of people to master their breath and their life, many of whom went on to become extremely successful Breathwork Facilitators.

Frequently Asked

A RBT session usually starts with a conversation between the RBT therapist and the breather, about anything the breather may want or need to talk about.
In the second part of the session, the client is put through a unique, very simple and gentle breathing technique which opens up parts of the breathing mechanism which have been locked for years. As the breather frees their breathing mechanism, they release accumulated stress and emotion resulting in a deeply relieving and blissful state, as well as profound realizations which benefit the breather’s transformation.

RBT is the purest and simplest breathing technique. You are literally just breathing in and out. The purity and simplicity of this technique gives an extra level of awareness to the breather who is able to clearly observe and integrate deep rooted issues and know what to do about them.

Experiencing RBT is very individual. You are unique and so your experience will be unique. However, common symptoms are; being “in” your body; observing sensations, emotions and energy moving through your body; feeling accumulated stress leaving your body; deep and profound long lasting relief; clarity; connection to source energy; accessing no mind (or the space between your thoughts) for an elongated period of time. Bliss, Love, Gratitude, Clarity and Empowerment are common at the end of the session.

RBT is totally safe and provides the body and cells with the oxygen needed to heal itself.
RBT is not only relaxing, relieves anxiety and stress and leaves you with elevated energy and clarity; it's been scientifically proven to affect the heart, the brain, digestion, the immune system and the lymphatic system positively.

RBT has been proven safe and beneficial for the body. RBT is just breathing and breathing is safe.